Integrative Visual Analytics for Suspicious Behavior Detection

Dec 16th, 2009 | By | Category: Interactive Demos

VAST 2009 Challenge Awards:
Traffic Mini Challenge: Excellent Analytical Technique Featuring

Integration of Data Mining and Visual Analytics
Flitter Mini Challenge: Good Analytic Debrief

Grand Challenge: Outstanding Integration of Mini Challenge Results into Debrief

Analytic process of investigating social network data

Peter Bak (University of Konstanz)
Christian Rohrdantz (University of Konstanz)
Svenja Leifert (University of Konstanz)
Christoph Granacher (University of Konstanz)
Stefan Koch (University of Konstanz)
Simon Butscherk (University of Konstanz)
Patrick Jungk (University of Konstanz)
Daniel A. Keim (University of Konstanz)

In the VAST Challenge 2009 suspicious behavior had to be detected applying visual analytics to heterogeneous data, such as network traffic, social network enriched with geo-spatial attributes, and finally video surveillance data. This paper describes some of the awarded parts from our solution entry.

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Integrative Visual Analytics for Suspicious Behavior Detection