Foundation and Frontiers of Visual Analytics

Dec 18th, 2009 | By | Category: News, Publications

Information Visualization Journal

Pagrave-Macmillian has published a special issue of the Information Visualization journal on Foundation and Frontiers of Visual Analytics.

Guest Editors: Joe Kielman and Jim Thomas

Volume 8, Number 4, Winter 2009


Foundations and Frontiers in Visual Analytics
Joe Kielman, Jim Thomas and Richard May

Scale and complexity in visual analytics
George Robertson, David Ebert, Stephen Eick, Daniel Keim and Ken Joy

Science of analytical reasoning
William Ribarsky, Brian Fisher and William M Pottenger

The science of interaction
William A Pike, John Stasko, Remco Chang and Theresa A O’Connell

Data transformations and representations for computation and visualization
David J Kasik, David Ebert, Guy Lebanon, Haesun Park and William M Pottenger

The science of analytic reporting
Nancy Chinchor and William A Pike

Visual analytics technology transition progress
Jean Scholtz, Kristin A Cook, Mark A Whiting, Doug Lemon and Howard Greenblatt

Visual analytics: Building a vibrant and resilient national science
Pak Chung Wong and Jim Thomas

Challenges for visual analytics
Jim Thomas and Joe Kielman