VisMaster Industry Day

Dec 11th, 2009 | By | Category: News


Today, in many spheres of human activity, massive amounts of data are collected and stored. As the volumes of data available to lawmakers, civil servants, business people and scientists increase, their effective use becomes more challenging. Simply keeping up to date with the flood of data, using standard tools for data analysis and management, is fraught with difficulty. Visual analytics seeks to provide people with a better overview of massive amounts of data. The goal of visual analytics is to enable effective analysis of such data immediately, that is, in real time through interactive visual analysis interfaces. Visual analytics simplifies analysis and empowers individuals to take control of the process, regardless of their proficiency.

This workshop will look at different application areas that increasingly use visual analytics to solve the data challenges of their field. Renowned experts in these areas will demonstrate new trends in data analysis and explain their benefits with hands-on business and use cases.

Participation fee: 160 euros. Congress materials, food and drinks are included.

Please contact Jörn Kohlhammer for registration.

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